Fitness and nutrition coaching for women ready to level up their lifestyle to attain & sustain total wellness

our why

To nurture women through mind, body, & spirit to achieve whole wellness. 

No matter what phase of life you are in, you can step into your wellness journey—we want to come alongside you—exactly where you are to begin. 


One-on-One Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

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Personalized, tailored to you and your goals, fitness & nutrition coaching which includes weekly meal plans for your macro count, workout programs, and a one-on-one check-in call each week to align, support, and promote accountability. 


Workout-Only Programming 

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Access new workout-only programs each and every month! This option is best for women who want a targeted plan and fresh exercises to utilize when they hit the gym.


Nutrition-Only Programming 

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Knowing what to eat starts with knowing what your body needs. From your personalized macro count, we will work together through weekly nutrition coaching to fuel your body well. 

“I wanted results and I got them!”

Even more so I got a deep satisfaction and joy from prioritizing my health, taking good care of my body, and being encouraged by Maddy. This girl works around the clock to make sure your needs are taken care of and truly, deeply, cares about her clients. Say YES to prioritizing your health, and do it with 31 Thirty Coaching to be uplifted, loved, encouraged, and inspired.


"I can’t recommend 31 THIRTY enough!”

I had an amazing experience training with Brianne. Shortly into training with her, I found out I was pregnant. She immediately altered my routine to be safe for me and my baby—and to make me stronger as my body changed. Through every exercise, she would check in to ensure I was comfortable executing the movements and offer an immediate modification where necessary.


What makes us different

Former College Athletes

We’re both former college athletes (Maddy—NAIA Div. I Volleyball Player / Brianne—NCAA Division I Softball Player) and possess several years of performance-focused nutrition and fitness planning to perform at our peak level of athleticism. 

Combined & Varied Expertise

We bring combined yet varied qualifications to every aspect of your training. Together, we offer a comprehensive approach to help you achieve your goals, effectively and efficiently. 

  • Maddy—NASM Nutrition and Personal Training Certification, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Certification, and over 3 years of online training experience
  • Brianne—ISSA Nutrition and Personal Training Certification, AFPA Certified Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Specialist, Over 2 years of personal training experience

We Live the Methods We Teach

We’re passionate about wellness and love to walk our talk. Living the methods we suggest, we strive to offer real-life perspectives of the process, struggles, and will to continue to show up on the path to progress and positive change.